Yes, I made my very own Mandalorian Armor. It wasn't easy. It wasn't a quick process. But it was definitely a labor of love and SOOOOO worth it. Because now I have my very own badass custom armor I can wear whenever I want!!

A quick breakdown of how I put this together, in case you're interested in making your own awesome armor:

The helmet - This was one of the few pieces I didn't make entirely from scratch. There is just too much detail and I wanted to get it right. I bought an unpainted Mandalorian helmet on Etsy. You have to cut out the area of the helmet where the shielding goes and add your own. I used a welding visor face shield replacement. Paint the helmet and glue that bad boy in with some heavy duty glue.

The armor - Let's start with the base clothing. I purchased a pair of dance leggings and crop top from Discount Dance Supply (as a dancer, I seriously LOVE this store).

I then picked up some PVC sheeting from Amazon. I used a Dremel to cut it into the appropriate shapes (you can use a template found anywhere on the Internet). I then heated the plastic with a heat gun and bent it into the right shapes. Once the pieces were cool, I painted them. I then used a Dremel to go over the armor in certain places to scuff it up and make it look battle-worn. You can see the details where it looks like the armor was grazed by a blaster.

Another note about the armor pieces: Being of a bigger bust than most girls, I read up on how many females were handling the chest pieces and many recommended using a mannequin front. The reason for doing so is you have to seam the PVC pieces if you go that route. It can be a lot of work and very difficult. So I followed the advice and use the mannequin chest. You can get the piece on Etsy here. If you're a smaller-chested female this probably isn't necessary.

Accessories - My boyfriend had purchased an actual Boba Fett blaster when we were at the Star Wars Celebration at Disney. His intention was to get Boba Fett to sign it. But due to some bad weather, we were never able to meet the Fett. So he gave me the blaster, not caring to keep in anymore. I just painted it to match the colors of my armor.

The cape was made with some fabric I picked up at Jo-Ann Fabric. I just glued it to one of the shoulder pieces.

My tactical gear - The belt and gun holsters (right and left) I also picked up on Amazon, along with a pair of fingerless gloves.

I fashioned some Jedi braids (a Mandalorian needs her trophies) from some old yarn scraps I had lying around (I'm a knit/crochet fiend).

The Mythosaur skull tattoo is a temp tatt. I purchased DIY temp tatt paper from Amazon and printed a Mythosaur skull image I found on Google onto the paper. Easy.

Special thanks to my good friends Michael Berg and Alex Abbott for capturing these awesome photos.

Excuse me now while I go enjoy some cosplaying. :)