Fancy ladies, this blog post is for you!

I'm always looking to try new local coffee shops and tea houses. The vibes are usually so chill. Recently I stumbled upon a TravelZoo deal for a local tea house near Downtown Orlando called Infusion Tea. The deal was for an afternoon tea for two or four people, which included bottomless tea and an assortment of tea sandwiches, scones and other delicious tea time goodies. As I had been meaning to check out this particular tea house for some time, taking advantage of this discounted afternoon tea deal was a no-brainer. So I grabbed three of my girlfriends and we made our way over for a lovely Sunday afternoon tea. I felt so sophisticated!

First impressions on walking in the door: the place is adorable! It's not huge, but it's very bright and made me feel the vibes of springtime. I thought it would be the perfect place for a bridal shower (coincidentally, I think there was one going on while we were there). One side of the shop has a little store with all kinds of cute jewelry and home decor. They also have many teas and tea accessories available for purchase.

I made my way to the counter and let the man behind the register know I had purchased their deal for afternoon tea. He asked us to pick out two kinds of tea form the wall behind him. And there were a lot. Too many delicious-sounding choices! We couldn't decide, so we asked the employees for their recommendations, and ended up settling on a spiced Chai and a Pineapple Bliss green tea. We then found a table and settled in for what would be a lovely afternoon.

After a few minutes, we were brought our two pots of tea. They came handy with a brew timer so we knew when each pot was ready to be enjoyed.

Waiting on our Chai tea to brew.
We all started with the Pineapple Bliss green tea, and it was divine. You should know it's a big deal for me to describe a green tea as "divine." In general, I HATE green tea. I try to force myself to drink it often, knowing the health benefits, without much success. But this green tea truly was delicious. It had a somewhat sweet and fruity taste without being overbearing.

When we were about halfway through our first cup, the goodies arrived. A three-tiered tray of cookies, scones, bread and three different types of tea sandwiches.

Three tiers of the most amazing tea time noms!
Oh my goodness! Can I just tell you how completely amazing EVERYTHING on this tray was?

The scones: May have been the best I've ever had in my life.

The bread: It was a sweet fruit-and-nut bread - so soft and moist - topped with herbed cream cheese that was so decadently creamy and dried cranberries.

The cookies: Oatmeal Raisin. Yum!

The sandwiches: We were given three types to sample, which included a classic cucumber and cream cheese, an egg salad, and a sun-dried tomato on wheat bread. The bread was so soft and amazing and the flavors were incredible. Perfection!

As we dove into these goodies we moved on to try the Chai tea. I generally prefer black teas, and this one did not disappoint. It had just the right balance of spices. Perfection.

I lost track of how long we were there. We gabbed as we happily ate and drank. We finished the treats and the two pots of tea. The tea is bottomless, but we were so full we couldn't drink another sip or eat another bite. Pleasantly full, we decided to walk around the adorable little shop and check out the tea wares, until finally, we were ready to leave.

The verdict: If you are in the Orlando area and you enjoy tea, baked goodies and/or good times with friends you MUST check out Infusion Tea. They have a full menu so you can stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And many of their menu items cater to the health-conscious (right up my alley). There are even vegan options. But I would most definitely recommend you try their afternoon tea at some point. It just cannot be beaten. I will be back for sure - both for regular meals and for another afternoon tea session with the girls.