Wine Cork Easter Bunny

Hello friends! Spring has sprung. The scent of fresh blooms is in the air. And I'm in spring cleaning mode.

Not that our place is messy. Actually, I keep it pretty clean all the time. I hate clutter, though, and I don't like to keep things we no longer use or won't use in the future. It just makes for crowded closets filled with junk. Yet, despite my feelings on the matter, our storage areas have gotten a little cluttered with old junk just because I haven't had the time to keep it under control. So, I've made it a goal over the next few weeks to fix that. And to make the project less daunting, I'm taking one area a weekend. This weekend went to under-the-bed organization. I finally organized my craft bin I keep under the bed. It was filled with bags and bags of beads, jewels, ribbons, material, etc. I've found myself recently buying things for craft projects I already have. I just didn't know what I had because it was all such a mess. Well, that's fixed now.

As I was cleaning I found some jewels and a bag of pipe cleaner. Yay, new project idea! If you are a regular crafter and also happen to be a wine drinker I recommend saving corks from all the bottles you go through. I have a pretty substantial stash - other people give me their corks as well. You can always make something fun with wine corks. Example: check out my Wine Cork Christmas Tree project.

Yes, corks are a great crafting material. Since we're in a new season, I decided to make something season appropriate using wine corks and the jewels and pipe cleaners I found. An Easter bunny for springtime!

This whole project took me probably 20 minutes in total to put together. The use of hot glue makes it a super quick project. And the results were adorable. It's so easy you can definitely do this yourself, even if you're not very crafty.

So, without further ado, here's the how-to on making your very own wine cork bunny!

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~ What You Need ~

34 wine corks
1 champagne cork
A strand of ribbon (your choice of color)
1 small pink jewel
1 white pipe cleaner
Hot glue gun

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~ Directions ~

Using the hot glue gun, glue 3 of the wine corks together in a line. Then, stack 4 more corks on the top, gluing as you go. Repeat this process with another row of 4 and so on. Below is a chart showing you how many corks are needed for each row leading up to the top of the bunny head.

Row 1: 3 corks
Row 2: 4 corks
Row 3: 4 corks
Row 4: 4 corks
Row 5: 3 corks
Row 6: 2 corks
Row 7: 3 corks
Row 8: 3 corks
Row 9: 2 corks

Once you've completed the above you should have a full bunny body and head sans the tail and ears. We're adding those next.

To add the tail, turn the bunny so it's laying on one of its sides. Whichever side you want the tail to be on should be facing up. Glue the champagne cork in between the second and third row. Allow the glue to completely dry before standing the bunny back up. Otherwise, the tail will fall off.

To add the ears, glue three of the remaining corks together in a row. Repeat the process with the other three remaining corks. You can glue them both in a straight line or make one or both of them a floppy ear like mine. Once the glue on the ears is completely dry, glue them to the top of the bunny head. You will need to hold the ears in place until the glue is dry to avoid them falling off but since you're using hot glue it shouldn't take too long.

Now we're going to make the bunny nose. Take the pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Wrap the centers together so they're connected and form an X shape. Glue the middle to the bunny's face. Next, place a bead of hot glue in the center of the "whiskers" and add the pink jewel on top.

Time to add the bow! Take your piece of ribbon and wrap it around the bunny's neck. Tie it in a pretty bow in the front.

And that's it! You're done! Display your new adorable cork bunny friend where all can see. Happy spring and happy Easter!