Wand Mount Display (for Harry Potter wands, etc.)

Greetings people of earth! Hope this post finds you all enjoying a lovely weekend. Thank goodness it's Saturday! I've had a lovely morning relaxing in bed with a delicious cup of coffee as I write this blog post. Much needed after the crazy few weeks I've had.

Actually, it has really been a crazy few months, which is why it has taken me so long to bring you this post. This DIY was actually a Christmas present.

I have a lot of Harry Potter fans in my life, including myself. My boyfriend had purchased an interactive wand from Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter for his mother for her birthday back in October, as she LOVES the series. After receiving the wand, what she wanted to do more than anything was display it on the wall. And rightfully so. Those wands are hella cool.

One day when we were having dinner at her house I started researching some wand displays she might like. Almost every display I found held multiple wands (at least three). Sounds like a great excuse to get MORE wands to me. But really, all she wanted was a way to display her one wand. And she didn't much care for any of the display we found that did so.

Well, Christmas was coming up and, being the avid DIYer that I am, I decided I would solve this problem and just make one myself, and give it to her as a Christmas gift. So I did. This mount turned out beautifully and she absolutely loved it! I know kinda want to make another one for myself, only with multiple wand hooks (I have a few wands).

This project was relatively easy. The bulk of the time was waiting for the wood stain to dry. After that, I finished everything else in less than an hour one evening. So even if you're a DIY newbie, you can definitely handle this one.


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~ What You Need ~

Wood plaque (like this one found at any local craft store)
Wood stain (I used the Early American color)
Hogwarts House Crest decal (I purchased mine from Etsy)
Antique-looking hooks (like these hooks from Amazon)
1-inch thick ribbon in color of your choice
Sawtooth picture hanger
Hot glue gun

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~ Directions ~

Step 1: Stain the plaque. Make sure you do this outside or in another well-ventilated area. Apply one coat and allow to dry completely before applying the second coat. Allow to sit for a day or so to ensure the stain is 100% dry. If you stained outside, make sure you set the plaque somewhere under cover. We had quite a bit of rain when I did mine and, had it not been up on my porch, the stain would have been ruined.

Step 2: Once the stain has completely dried, turn the plaque on its back and use a ruler to find the exact center towards the top. Attached the sawtooth picture hanger, making sure to keep it level. Otherwise, the mount will hang crooked when you put it on the wall.

Step 3: Turn the plaque back over so the front side is facing up. Use a ruler to find the cross-section of two inches from the right edge of the plaque and three inches up from the bottom. Mark this spot, then find the same cross section on the left side (two inches from the left edge and three inches up from the bottom). Attach the hooks at these locations.

Step 4: Place the decal so it is centered on the plaque. Apply a small amount of hot glue to each corner of the decal to hold it in place. Don't worry of the hot glue is visible. It won't be once we're done.

Step 5: Measure out the appropriate amount of ribbon to run along each side of the decal. Attached with the hot glue.

Tip: I suggest lightly melting the edges of each ribbon before attaching, as it will prevent fraying. You can do this by holding a lighter a few millimeters away from the ribbon and allowing the heat to melt it.

And you're done! Hang that baby on the wall and display your spiffy wand with pride!