GIR the Robot Dog Costume (Invader Zim)

Happy Halloween! Hoping your day was full of tricks and treats and loads of good fun.

We had a fun little party at my office today. We really get into the Halloween spirit every year. Now that I have Bella I, of course, had to do a couples costume with her. But what to do?

The answer came about a month ago when we were re-watching the old cartoon Invader Zim. I loved that show growing up and GIR was always my favorite character. I thought it would be completely adorable to put Bella in a GIR dog costume while I went as a gender-bender Zim. So I set out to make her little outfit.

The project ended up being surprisingly easy to put together and turned out even better than I hoped. My girl was a hit at our office Halloween party. I mean, look at how adorable she is!

I figured I'd share the set-by-step instructions for this piece for any others who cared to make a GIR costume for their fur baby. Enjoy!

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~ What You Need ~

A green dog sweatshirt (like this one found on Amazon)
1 sheet of white felt
1 sheet of black felt
1 sheet of red felt
Black fabric marker
White, red and black thread

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

~ Directions ~

Step 1: Trace circles for the eyes on the white felt. Cut them out and add a small black pupil to each white circle with the black fabric pen. To get the extra derpy GIR look, make sure the pupils aren't pointing in the same direction.

Note: The size circles you need depends on the size costume you're making. For an x-large sweatshirt, I made eyes the size of large coffee mugs.

Step 2: Cut out two small rectangles from the black felt to make the ears. The rectangles should have a slanted edge on one end for the tops of the ears and have a slight curve. See photo below for the shape to follow.

Step 3: Cut a quadrilateral from the red felt that fans out slightly on one end to make the tongue. Trace a line down the middle of the tongue with the black fabric pen but don't go the entire way to the end. See photo below for the general shape of the tongue and length of the line.

You now have all the pieces to assemble your GIR costume.

Step 4: Trace a dotted line with the black fabric marker down the center seam of the sweatshirt, starting at the top of the hood and going down to the bottom of the hood. And draw a wide triangle towards the top of the hood to make the nose.

Step 5: It's time to assemble the pieces. Determine where you want the eyes to sit and secure them with sewing pins. Then, hand sew them on with the white thread. Repeat similar steps for the ears and tongue.

And you're done!