Wine Cork Starfish

Hello friends! I'm back at it again with the DIY. I love making new things and I especially love seasonal crafts. Walk into my place and you'll immediately know what season we're in. Especially if it's Christmas time. But, of course, right now we're in the midst of summer. And it's hot. Too hot. Thank goodness for air conditioning. I decided to put together a little project to remind me of the beach when it's too hot and rainy to actually go. A wine cork starfish!

I love crafting with wine corks. Aside from the obvious perk that I get to drink wine to obtain my crafting materials, wine corks can be used for so many cute and easy projects. I save all my wine corks for when the DIY bug strikes and I've told family members to save theirs as well for me. After a while, I end up with a really great stash to create whatever I want.

All of this started a while back with my making a wine cork pumpkin I saw on Pinterest. And now, with this post, I officially have a fun little cork decoration to represent all four seasons.

And, of course, for summer, we circle back here to this starfish. This is honestly the trickiest and most time-consuming one I've done just because there isn't a lot of stacking. You have the starfish arms sticking out everywhere and not a lot of foundation like you have with the others. But if you're willing to put in the little bit of extra time, it's worth it.

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~ What You Need ~

30 wine corks
1 champagne cork
1 seashell
Small wood piece (for stand)
Hot glue gun

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~ Directions ~

Before you start gluing, I recommend you arrange the corks in the shape if the starfish. Play around with the position of the arms until you get them just how you like them. Then, take a picture for reference. This makes the gluing process a lot quicker.

Start by making the five arms of the starfish. Each arm takes six corks. Glue them together one at a time, arranging them according to the reference photo you just took. This gluing process will take some time. Since these arms will be defying gravity a bit, you need to hold each cork in place long enough to allow the glue to completely dry. If you don't, the arms will fall apart. Repeat this process until you have all six arms completed.

Once all the arms are done and completely dry, take the two bottom arms that the starfish will stand on and glue them to the wood piece. You can really use any types of wood piece for this. I found mine at Michael's for around $2.

Next, glue the champagne cork on top of the two bottom arms. So, you'll have a little body balanced on two arms. Again, make sure you're letting the glue completely dry before moving on.

Glue the three remaining arms around the champagne cork. With these, you will need to hold them in place for quite a while before they are secure. I had a few instances where mine fell off and I had to try again. You may even want to put something under the arms to keep them in place while the glue drys.

Once all the arms are in place, glue the seashell to the front of the champagne cork.

And that's it! You're done! It's a pretty easy process. The most time-consuming part is keeping the corks in place while the glue dries.

Enjoy your new summer decor!